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Lean and Agile

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Why agile and lean?

The biggest value of Agile and Lean development is the efficient delivery of customer value. Agile emphasizes iterative development and customer collaboration, while Lean principles focus on eliminating waste and maximizing value flow. By combining Agile and Lean approaches, organizations achieve faster time-to-market, improved customer satisfaction, and increased overall productivity, leading to a competitive advantage.

The Pitfalls of Agile transformations

Insufficient support

Insufficient organizational support, including a lack of buy-in from executives, managers, and stakeholders, can impede the establishment of a collaborative culture and hinder the successful implementation of Agile practices.

Inadequate training

Inadequate training and a limited understanding of Agile principles and methodologies can result in misinterpretations, improper implementation, and ineffective utilization of Agile practices within the organization.

Ignoring the resistance

Resistance to change poses a significant challenge when deploying Agile practices, as overcoming this resistance and addressing concerns are vital for creating a culture that embraces Agile principles and ensures the successful adoption of Agile methodologies.

Who am I?

Kimmo vättö

Kausa Consulting Oy

With two decades of experience in various roles within agile & lean software development, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. My true passion lies in building and cultivating high-performing agile & lean organizations, enabling individuals to flourish within them. 

I have spearheaded large-scale agile software development initiatives, successfully delivering software to global B2B customers and consumer markets. On a smaller scale, I have served years as a product owner and scrum master for a B2B software startup, gaining invaluable experience into the intricacies of these roles. While I don't adhere to any particular agile doctrine or framework, I have a SAFe SPC badge and possess extensive experience working within the SAFe environment. Moreover, I hold a certification as a BCI business coach, allowing me to support clients through their transformational journeys.

Whether it's helping clients by providing training or coaching or assuming an operational agile role, I am committed to delivering exceptional results and driving positive change within organizations.

Training and coaching

Training is vital for agile transformation success through enabling mindset shifts and developing the needed skills. Training fosters shared understanding, improves collaboration, and drives continuous improvement. With alignment and consistency, training empowers employees to thrive and take initiative in successful transformations. Kausa Consulting offers standard SAFe trainings and customised trainings.

Coaching is vital for agile transformation success, guiding mindset shifts, fostering development, overcoming challenges, promoting continuous learning, facilitating change, and sustaining agility. Agile coach supports individuals and teams, enabling them to improve skills, and deliver faster value to customers.

With trainings (SAFe and customized) and coaching services, you equip your organization with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in agile transformation.

Scrum master and product owner service

As your Scrum Master, I facilitate seamless collaboration, remove obstacles, and optimize the agile process for efficient project execution. I work closely with you, fostering open communication and empowering your development efforts. Together, we plan sprints, conduct daily stand-ups, and review progress, ensuring timely delivery of high-quality products.

As your Product Owner, I act as your partner in bringing the vision to life. I strive to understand your customers' needs and translate them into clear and prioritized  product backlogs and user stories. I align stakeholders, drive innovation, and maximize business value, creating delightful experiences for your customers.

As your Scrum Master or Product Owner, my primary objective is to support your success. I leverage my 15+ years of experience in agile development to help you and your team collaborate effectively, optimize processes, and deliver outstanding results.


Kimmo's department and team was always a model example how Scrum should be deployed - and deployed in a large-scale, i.e. by hundreds of people long before the agile community even started to discuss the large-scale deployment possibilities. He was also strongly speaking for true and successful implementation with real benefits when some other people were willing to settle for half-baked solutions.
Lean Agile head coach

Kimmo's team was one of the first ones to adopt Scrum and Continuous Integration, and definitely the first to do all that in large scale. That team became the benchmark for other teams for successful agile software development. Kimmo has broad SW experience and genuine interest for adopting and adapting best practices for SW development. He has the courage, knowledge and skills required to drive strategic changes (such as this agile & lean change) and engage teams to a common vision. This is not only helpful when driving changes but for sure very helpful in any leadership role where a vision and strategy needs to be transformed into concrete, measurable business results.
Senior Director

Kimmo has extensive practical experience and gives not only theoretical knowledge but practical application as well. All my questions were thoughtfully answered. He was engaging and knowledgeable. Kudos for managing to have two full days of facilitation!
Senior SW Developer, training feedback

I appreciate Kimmo being my business coach. Kimmo makes me think and see myself so easily and helpfully every time, for example, I quickly find my limitations and obstacles and a way to go further.
He has very good experience and understanding of his business background and especially from the point of view of a start-up entrepreneur. It gives me a lot of confidence in how to proceed with market access and the development of productisation and experimentation before that.
His coaching style is inspiring and realistic, belief-busting. His thinking and way of working keep me well at the heart of things and the guidelines become clearer during each coaching process, even if I don't see the next steps clearly. It is in his nature to remain calm and cultivate humour in good taste at the same time, all in good balance.
I can recommend Kimmo to those who want clarity, guidelines and faith in their work and its development to focus on their own plan while learning and developing.

Kimmo has extensive practical experience and gives not only theoretical knowledge but practical application as well. All my questions were thoughtfully answered. He was engaging and knowledgeable. Kudos for managing to have two full days of facilitation!
Senior SW Developer, training feedback

Kimmo's coaching meetings helped me as the start-up entrepreneur on the path to bringing many new aspects to our business development. Kimmo's own experience as an entrepreneur helped us focus on the right questions. I recommend the coaching for new and more seasoned entrepreneurs because thinking out of the box is always worth it!
COB, entrepreneur, coaching feedback